In Search of our Family History

NSW Drive Trip

Next Friday, we begin a driving tour into central New South Wales in search of some family history. We originally planned this trip some months ago but couldn’t undertake it because of Covid restrictions. It’s now a good time to go.

We are going to visit the towns where Jill’s grandfather, Frederick George Ruffels, was posted throughout his police career. He began as mounted constable in the town of Gooloogong (near Cowra) in 1910 and finished as the Coroner in Queanbeyan before retiring.

We will drive about 2,500 km over the next two weeks on highways and country roads.

As a guide, we have a journal written by Jill’s mother in which she describes her childhood and young adult life in many of the towns that we will visit.

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3 thoughts on “In Search of our Family History

  1. Happy and safe travels to you both. Will you make some updates to the family records Jill? Quite an emotional trip for you.

  2. It’s all happening, great to see you can really spread your travelling wings.

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