A Better World Without George Bush

I’m not normally one to make political comment, but I am so happy to see the end of George W Bush’s Presidency that I feel compelled to become indulgent with just one. These cartoons from various parts of the world sum up my feelings about the arrogance and incompetence of his government. It is so sad that over his time, America has become internationally disliked and distrusted by many who were previously friends.

With the inauguration of President Obama, we now have someone who offers integrity, fairness and not the least – intelligence fitting of a world leader. I’ll say no more – these cartoons say it all!

Bush Cartoon  

Bush 2

bush 3

bush 5

Let’s pray that President Obama can meet the expectations of those who have placed so much hope in him to make a difference for the better.


One thought on “A Better World Without George Bush

  1. It’s alright for you over there on the other side of the world. You’ve got rid of him.

    I now have him hanging around the ranch 24 – 7.

    I’ve told him many times to get out of my hair and go and get a job, but no one wants him. Why?

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