A Fateful Visit to Jurong Bird Park

My blogging has been disrupted by an unfortunate accident, so let me pick up the thread and get back to our days in Singapore.

On Thursday, we took a taxi to the world famous bird park at Jurong, to the west of Singapore. I wanted to see their see their incredible bird aviaries and displays. This collection of aviaries houses hundreds of exotic bird species and covers an area of 49 acres. In January, it will be moved to a new location near Singapore Zoo as both are run by the same company.

You enter the bird zoo under arches dripping with orchids and proceed around a circular route with a variety of large flight aviaries as well as some walk-in aviaries, each featuring birds from different habitats.

IMG 7594

Singapore is located just one degree north of the equator, but its only here that you could see Antarctic penguins! These King Penguins are kept in an indoor area that is air-conditioned and chilled.


We had walked three quarters of the way around the park when Jill was distracted by a pelican and drive her buggy over this single step and fell onto her left hip. From  here, she was taken by ambulance to hospital where, after surgery, she is now much more comfortable. I’’ll write about that part of our story soon. (I took this photo in case I needed to prove anything to the insurance company).

IMG 7589

I’ll let some of the birds speak for themselves. While I have some interest in birds, I am not so much of a ’twitcher’  that I know every species so there were many that were fascinating to see, but I don’t know what they are called. However, I enjoy photographing them. I find it quite difficult to see some of the smaller birds in the wild, but theses ones were ‘served up on a plate’.



P9030872 Edit



Pink Spoonbill


Sun Conure (Sun Parakeet)


South American Condor


Crested Pigeon


A little bird of the African treetops

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Superb Starling


African Grey Parrot


A variety of Lorikeet





5 thoughts on “A Fateful Visit to Jurong Bird Park

  1. Oh Jill, hope you are not too shaken or sore ( in pain) from your unfortunate experience. What magnificent colours in the birds you photographed Bruce. I hope they are happy in their enclosed environment.

  2. What shocking bad luck for Jill Pleased to hear she is now doing OK.
    Best wishes

  3. So sorry to hear of Jill’s mishap, and glad she is being well cared for at the hospital and by the hotel staff. Our prayers are with you both for good healing and when possible a trouble free trip home🙏💐✈️

  4. Got the photos this time. Take care of you, Jill is being cared for, we need to care for the cater too.

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