A New Granddaughter

I am very proud and delighted to announce to the world, the safe arrival of our first grandchild Audrey Jae Round, born at 6.43 pm on Wednesday 11th of July 2007.

She weighs in at 8lb 11 oz (or 3.9 kg) and both Cathy and Audrey are doing well. We think that Chris is also doing well, but I can’t be sure because he is still over the moon!


6 thoughts on “A New Granddaughter

  1. Hi Bruce great news, so glad all is well with all. Am keeping track of your travels. Keep safe Love Stella

  2. Dear Jill and Bruce,
    Congratulations on the safe arrival of your first ‘bonnie’ grandchild, Audrey. I’m sure Audrey will bring you all many blessings. Look forward to the pics.
    Best wishes to Cathy and Chris.
    Rosemarie xx

  3. Fantastic. So pleased to hear of the safe arrival of Audrey. Jill will know every inch of her, so you will have some catching up to do! (and Uncle David, too!).
    Travel well. Love from Bill & Dorothy
    Bill & Dorothy

  4. CONGRATULATIONS Grandad and Uncle Dave!! What a thrill – from all accounts she’s a cutie!! Thank you for the great reports – love reading them!!
    Love Ruth

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