A Postcard from Wellington

We arrived into Wellington on Saturday afternoon on a sunny, but very windy day. I haven’t been here for many years and was surprised at the extent to which the city has become more modern. There are many more large buildings and a lot more development around the harbour area.

Wellingtonians must be very educated people as there are a plethora of bookshops in the main downtown area with yet another about to open soon. Most of the shops that I could remember selling sheepskin products seem to have been replaced with shops selling phones and technology based products. I’m pleased to report that you can still get a good rack of lamb in the hotel restaurant.

We stayed at the James Cook Hotel where I had spent many a night when I had business trips to here while working for Control Data. I spent a little while looking around the city for familiar landmarks and found many places that I could recognise. I can’t remember where Control Data’s offices were located – I think that they may have been situated on The Terrace, but I not really sure.

On Sunday morning, we caught the cable car to the top of the hill and enjoyed a very pleasant walk back down to the city through the Botanical Gardens and the old pioneering cemetery.

We were back in time to meet David and Sally for lunch. I had originally met them on the Milford Track a few years ago and we have kept in touch ever since. We had a very enjoyable lunch at a restaurant on Oriental Bay and even discussed some tentative options for future hiking trips together.

A good number of shops were open on Sunday, so we spent the final hour of the day looking to see what treasures were available.

Tomorrow we are picking up a rental car and heading off towards the Wairarapa area.

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  1. I don’t know if i am related to you…. but I am Ashley Featherston, mothers maden name is wilson. and i am doing a genealogy search for a class in school. please contact me if you find any information… thanks.

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