A Walk Over the Top of Victoria

Bob Neil and I set out for a four day walk on the Bogong High Plains over April 7 – 10th. This area appealed to us at it is remote, scenic and flat!

On our first day, we left the car near Pretty Valley Pondage and walked a little over 4 kilometres to Tawonga Huts. These are a collection of old cattlemen’s huts with a now defunct yard for holding cattle. They have obviously been saved from recent fires as the snow gums around the huts are green, yet every tree outside a 50 metre radius from the huts has been burnt out and is just one of the millions of grey coloured skeletons adorning the landscape.


We had bright sunny days, but in the evenings,, and overnight, the temperature was quite cold.

On our second day, we walked south across the plains to Young Hut. Our route took us along the numbered snow pole line, past Mt Jim and down to Youngs Spur. WE enjoyed the solitude of being on our own and whilst we cooked in the hut, we slept in our tents as the grass was much softer than the hard floorboards of the hut.




On the third day, we walked back to Tawonga huts and were excited to see a mob of about thirty wild brumbies. They looked  to be in good condition and there were a number of foals in the mob.


We spent our final night at Tawong huts with another party of three walkers and a group of students from Latrobe University.

Our final day’s walk was back to the car. Overall we walked about 30 kms – a nice easy time in a very interesting location.


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One thought on “A Walk Over the Top of Victoria”

  1. Hello “B&J”
    Just checking the blogs, I wonder how many men of whose graves & memorials you will see have mustered etc over the sites of your trekking this year to date. If you read this before the services, put a few pebbles in your pocket to leave on any headstones with the Star of David on them, it’s the Custom of Rembrance for the Jewish people, many of whom have no known family now. Thinking of you ‘Trina

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