A Wet Ending to Prague

Sunday was our second last day in Prague and we had already seen most of the things that we had wanted to. We found that breakfast at the hotel continued until 11.00 am so we took the opportunity for a ‘sleep-in’ and converted breakfast into a late brunch.

When we left the hotel for walk down to the old town square, it was very overcast and cool. Jill went to see an exhibition by an artist named Mucha while I wandered around the square looking at a number of stalls that were selling food and wine. I found a rather frenetic jazz band who were busking in a corner of the square and listened ti them fir a while. Then we bought a cup of mulled wine and sat on a rather damp swat getting thoroughly warmed inside, but with a wet and cold bum.

It had begun to rain continuously and eventually we retreated to our hotel and spent the afternoon watching the traffic and the activity on the river. It was still raining at night, so we headed across the road to the nearest pizza restaurant for dinner.

Today, Monday, is our last morning here and we need to check out of the hotel at noon and catch a flight to London. The rain has gome, but it is still quite cool.

I spent some time leaking around the streets, trying to find a little street market that we had found on a previous day. It was nowhere to be found – at least in the area that I remembered it being in. Eventually, I used a photo that I had taken on my phone to recognise the steeple of a nearby church and found the market by searching for the church.

All in all, our stay in Prague has been very enjoyable. This is a very beautiful city and one that we will remember fondly.

4 thoughts on “A Wet Ending to Prague

  1. Well you have to have a sleep in along the way. It sounded wonderful, you really are a great travel guide. Safe traveling to Paris, hope the weather is good for your time there.
    Missed the kiddy cooks tonight so don’t know who has gone through to the final week.,
    Take care, hope the weight of your friends looking over your shoulders is not too much, 🙂

  2. “I spent some time leaking around the streets”.
    One hopes you used the public conveniences. Damn spell checkers!

  3. I was obviously ‘walking’ around the town square (not leaking). Perhaps I was leaking though after all the rain from the previous day.

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