Alaskan Gallery Uploaded

In June 2016, we undertook a great adventure, and one of my favourite trips, when we spent over 25 days driving across Alaska and the Yukon Territory in Canada. We covered 3821 miles (6190 kms on a variety of roads from highways to narrow dirt tracks.  I enjoyed this trip because it was a bit of an adventure, we visited some very remote places and we saw some magnificent scenery.

I have spent the weekend sorting my best photographs from this trip and uploading them into a gallery on the ‘North American’ page of my photo web site on Smugmug. You can see them here: 

If you would like to revisit our story of this trip, you can do so on my travel blog site. It begins here: 


One thought on “Alaskan Gallery Uploaded”

  1. Beautiful memories.Can’t believe we visited such remote areas. Magic!

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