An Autumn Day Out

I always  think that Autumn is the nicest time of year in Melbourne and today was a prime example. We  had a balmy sunny day with no wind and blue skies. The temperature was a mild 20C. These Autumn days get cool once the sun goes down and the nights are quite cool but this was a lovely day to be out and about.

It was perfect weather for lunch in the vineyards oif the Yarra Valley. We drove out to the town of Yarra Glen to a winery called ‘Yarrawood’. It is a pleasant place and not pretentious like some of the major wineries in the valley. We happliy sat at a table on the verandah of their cafe and looked out across the golden rows of vines while we enjoyed a slow paced lunch.

Their menu is what I would call ‘International Australian’ with tasty small plates to share such as Korean Pork Belly with Salad, Salmon and Corn Tacos and Vietnamese Buns with Prawns. They have a good collection of estate grown wines and a glass of Shiraz for me and a Savignon Blanc for Jill were easy to drink.

IMG_1097 Edit.

We sauntered home along a ‘shortcut’ that took as around a large circular route through Healesville. There are some very scenic views over the valley along Old Healesville Road.

We then had some grand mountain scenery through rainforest on Don Road between Healesville and Launching Place. It was a long ‘shortcut’ but a very enjoyable drive on a lovely day.

The only negative was that heading home meant that we were driving towards the west. The sun that was low in the clear Autumn sky was blinding.

We can recommend this day trip to anyone who is looking for a nice leisurly day out and just a short distance from the city.

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  1. Autumn is my favourite season in Melbourne and surrounding districts also, particularly when the sun is shining and the wind is on holiday. A lovely day’s outing for you both during your post surgery restrictions Bruce.

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