Antarctica Preparation

I picked up my tickets from the travel agent yesterday for my trip to Patagonia and Antarctica and I’m now starting to get serious now about my planning.

I will be doing two tours with Peregrine Adventures commencing on January 12th, 2006. The first is a 14 day trip that includes a number of day trecks to major Patagonian locations.

Patagonian Tour

The second is a twelve day trip to Antarctica

Antarctic Explorer Trip

I am aiming to keep in touch with everyone at home through this blog. My satellite phone is now set up to send data and I think that I have my little notebook computer loaded with all the software that I’ll need, so I should be able to update my friends with my progress.

I’m sending this message through my satellite phone as a test of my system to make sure that everything is OK.

2 thoughts on “Antarctica Preparation

  1. Well, Bruce, you must have arrived in Patagonia by now. We’re all looking forward to reading your blog. The truth is that many of us are PRETTY ENVIOUS that you are doing this, and we are at home in our day-to-day. Have a great time.

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