Antarctic Photos Revisited

While the weather has been too hot to work outside, I have been spending some time reviewing my photo library – culling out some duds, key wording some and just reviewing others. It’s a useful exercise as sometimes when you come back to photos that you initially rejected, you find that they were pretty good after all. When I looked at my images taken on my last trip to Antarctica, I found these four photos of birds that probably shouldn’t have been in my rejects folder after all.

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This King Penguin was standing in the drizzling rain on Salisbury Plain on South Georgia. I had terrible trouble keeping the rain  off my camera lens while we were there. It was a case of wiping the lens clean after every second shot, taking another couple of photos and then repeating the process over and over again.


These Black Browed Albatrosses were nesting on West Point Island Island – one of the islands in the Falkland Islands. There were very much in love and preened each other tenderly as they took turns to sit on their egg.

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Magellanic Penguins are one of the sub-Antarctic varieties of Penguin. These were huddled together for their annual moult on the Falkland Islands. I took this photo from well away through the tussock grass while being harassed by one of the over-officious naturalists on the trip for appearing to disturb them.


I watched this Gentoo Penguin feed its near adult chick in Antarctica. These birds provide a good example of how females of the species are more intelligent than the males. The females know when the chicks are old enough to fend for themselves and stop feeding them. However the males continue to feed the chicks for anotherr couple of weeks.


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  1. So glad you retrieved them Bruce. I have enjoyed your photographic efforts very much.

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