Arrived in Santiago

Well, we’re in Santiago, the capital of Chile. It was a long trip and even the extra half hour that I built into our connection time in Sydney, didn’t save us from having problems. Our flight from Melbourne was delayed by 30 minutes and then bad weather slowed us down by another twenty, So we ended up making it to our international flight just as they were about to close the door. Needless to say, our bags didn’t make the connection and they should be delivered to our hotel sometime today after arriving on the following day’s flight.

Jill found the cabin of the plane far too warm and was sick with a migraine by the time we landed. She was in no mood to appreciate the spectacular sight of the Andes behind the city as we landed. Some of the peaks are over 5000 metres high. She crashed into bed for the afternoon, once we had checked into our very nice hotel room.

Our travel insurance.covers an amount for inconvenience through loss / delayed baggage, so I went shoppng for some extra necessities to get us through until out bags arrive. I caught a taxi to a nearby shopping mall that would equal any Wesfield centre, It had a great range of stores. I think the Iphone must have just hit Chile as there were promotions for it in many of the stores throughout the centre. The department store where I bought some clothes, sold everything frpm housewares to motor schooters. It took a few lopps of the centre before i cpuld find an ATM and get some local curremcy so that I could pay for the return taxi fare.

By dinner time, Jill was feeling much better so we had a light meal in the hotel restaurant with a couple of glasses of superb local wine.

It’s still early in the morning and I’m wide awake and ready to go! At some respctable time (after sunrise) we’ll head downtown for a look at the old colonial centre of town.

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