Bushwalking near Powelltown

We enjoyed having David home from Japan and with us over Christmas and the new year period. On one of the days that he was with us, we enjoyed a day of walking along the timber tramways near Powelltown.

We left our car t the new Ada Tree Car Park and walked about 1.5 kms along the track through dense rainforest to the base of this big tree. It is an untouched remnant from the logging days of the 1930’s when this area was extensively forested.

From there, we walked along to the site of the New Federal Mill and then followed the route of the timber tramways to the Ada River and the site of the old Ada Mill. These mills were destroyed in the 1939 fires and only a remnants remain.

It was a cool day for January (only about 5 degrees), it rained a little and the track was very wet underfoot.  We encountered dozens of leeches in the thick bush and we estimated that we travelled 300 meters per leech.

Here are some photos that show the beautiful scenery of this area.






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