Lake Tarli Karng

The Hidden Mountain Lake


Lake Tarli Karng is located 23 km north of Licola and is 18 km from the nearest road. The easiest way to reach it is from north, coming down from Bennison Plains, but on the two occasions on which I have walked to Tarli Karng, I have started from the track which begins where the Bennison Plains Road crosses the Wellington River.

On the first day we followed the river, crossing it up to twelve times and camped at the base of Riggals Spur. The river crossings can be cold and dangerous in winter or if the river is flooded.

On the first time that I have climbed Riggals Spur I have vowed and declared that I would never do it again. It is a long slog! However the lake must be worth the trip as I went back a second time. We camped on the shore of the lake on our second night and then returned to the car using the same route, and completing the return trip in one day.

This was one of my first walks as you can see by the old ‘A-Frame’ and ‘H-Frame’ packs we are carrying in the photos.

The lake has quite steep banks. Contrary to some public opinion, it is not situated in the crater of a volcano – the lake was caused by an ancient landslide that blocked a creek valley. It is thought that even the Aborigines were unaware of its existence, consequently it has earned the title, “The Hidden Lake”.


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  1. I was at Tarli Karng wen I was a teenager and I’m glad that its still looks much the same and I am keen to get there but I live in WA and I will make an effort to get back there one day.

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