Mt Kosciusko – 1

A Summer Walk Across the Top of Australia

This walk was intended to be an easy summer walk but it turned out to be one that showed us how quickly the weather could change in the Alpine Areas of Australia.

We began in the afternoon by walking along that very pretty valley along Coopers Creek from the road near Charlotte Pass. There was a bit of rock hopping involved, but nothing very difficult. At night we camped at the junction of Coopers Creek and the Snowy River.

On our second day, we climbed across Mt Anton to the Main range of Mt Kosciusko. This route took us across grassy fields and through patches of snow gums to above the tree line. Once on the main range, we dropped in to visit Blue Lake and then continued to the Sentinel where we camped for the night under the shelter of a low rock outcrop.

On our third day, we enjoyed another clear sunny day as we walked past Lady Northcote’s Canyon, and Lake Albina, one of the glacial lakes in the National Park. By the time we reached the summit of Mt Kosciusko, the wind had changed to the south and it was beginning to rain and sleet. We dropped down the side of the mountain to the little red hut at Lake Cootapatamba where we set up camp for the night and cooked dinner before the weather had a chance to get really bad.

When we woke on the fourth morning of this trip, we found that the ground was covered in a couple of inches of snow. We decided that it would be too difficult to continue our planned route across the top of the Razorback Range, so we headed back to Charlotte pass along the road. Fortunately we were well equipped for the cold.

This was the only walk that I did with my friend Robert Moses who died very sadly not long afterwards. I have many happy memories of his company and friendship.


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2 thoughts on “Mt Kosciusko – 1

  1. Dear Folks,
    We plan to head off to the Snowy National Park over the summer period and would loke to know how far can you drive (non 4 wheel drive) to the summit and how far do you have to walk.
    Mark & Cynthia

  2. In the old days you could drive a conventional car to within 1 kilometre of the summit and a 4WD right to the top of Kosciusko. Now the road is closed at Charlotte Pass.

    You have two walking options. Firstly, take the chairlift from Thredbo and then walk approx 8 kilometres each way along the constructed track. Secondly, walk along the old road from Charlotte Pass which I guess is about 13 kms each way. Both routes are flat and easy.

    Make sure that you are properly equipped for all types of weather. You can get a sudden change with snow, even at the height of summer.

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