Refuge Cove

A Safe Haven


This little cove on the east coast of the Prom is protected by two headlands and is a save haven for boats in rough weather. Early sailors also found it to be a reliable source of fresh water. Whalers once operated from here until whaling became unviable in the 1840’s.

The cove is now used by both ‘boaties’ and bushwalkers and there are separate nearby camp areas for each group.

To reach Refuge Cove, you continue along the track from Sealers Cove for another six kilometres. The old track used to go over the hill behind Sealers Cove, but the new track continues above the coastline and provides excellent views of the west coast of the Prom. Alternatively, you can pass through Refuge Cove on the circle walk via Waterloo Bay and over Kersops Peak.


Bruce is a keen traveller and photographer. This web site describes his travel and family interests

One thought on “Refuge Cove”

  1. Dear Bruce,

    Why should I be so amazed by this website? I should have expected it from you! Quite extraordinary to flick through so many marvellous photos and then to read part of your diary from Vietnam. It seems like I am intruding into your private life as I read about this part of your history. Forgive me if you didn’t intend me to delve this far.

    The way the photos of say, Rufuge Cove are displayed is fabulous and I should love to learn how you do all those tricks.

    Meanwhile, have a safe and wonderful trip to the Arctic and we look forward to reading about it in the coming days. Blessings on you.


    Tony Lucas.

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