Can’t See My Blog Images?

Some of you who receive subscription emails from my blog, report that they cannot see the images in the updates that they receive by email.

This is a problem unique to Apple devices – iPhones. iPads, and Mac computers. I have raised this issue with Apple’s technical people but it has never been resolved. For some reasons, Apple’s Mail software will not download images from my WordPress site. Users with Windows or Android devices seem to have no problems. Actually, the images are visible in any third party email software such as Spark but not Apple Mail. 

There is a simple work around for this.

If you click on the title of the post, it will open in your web browser and the images will appear properly.

I’m sorry about hid problem but there is noting that I can do to fix it.


One thought on “Can’t See My Blog Images?

  1. Best wishes to Jill and yourself. We hope she recovers quickly so that you can get home soon. Meanwhile enjoy Singapore as much as you can
    Vicki and Kevin

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