Cathy’s Move is Finished and We Are Away

Right now we are flying at 38,000 feet over southern India on our way to London. We are happy that Cathy and the girls are settled in their new house and we are taking a few weeks off.

Before we left, we had, at Audrey’s invitation, joined in an open house party to celebrate Cathy and her family completing their move into their new house. Audrey had presented us with a written invitation for a celebration planned for when she came home from school yesterday. She even had tickets for the VIP guests (Grandy and Poppa) to gain entry. We joined in a very happy occasion with a glass of bubbly, cup cakes and sweets. The girls had a special treat of lemonade. Apart from a few final pieces of furniture, everything in the house is now in place and Cathy is very happy. We feel like it is OK for us to have a break.


Our flight last night was rescheduled as part of Qantas’ restructuring of flights. We were originally scheduled to fly at 3.45 pm tomorrow and then connect directly with a flight to Lisbon. Our flight QF 9 now left at midnight and in order to keep our connecting flight we had to leave a night earlier and willstay overnight in London. It’s been a long day with me being awake at 5.00 am and then sitting around until just before midnight to board the plane.


Fortunately, when flying Business Class on a flight of this distance, Qantas provide a chauffeur service to and from the airport. We decided to leave a little early so that we could have a meal at the airport and then go straight to sleep once we were on the plane. We were somewhat earlier than we expected and the checkins had not opened but a helpful Qantas agent checked us in early so we could drop our bags and head on to the lounge for something to eat.

I’m very grateful that I have enough Frequent Flyer Qantas status to be able to use their first class lounge. The restaurant in the lounge offered a good menu. I chose a mouth watering steak followed by a chocolate and raspberry dessert and then a cheese platter. All this accompanied by a glass or two of fine wine. It’s a very nice way to travel indeed.


We sometimes forget how good the level of service is on airlines in this region of the world and it is a real ‘let down’ when we fly in other parts of the world – especially in Northern America where travel is more like a chore and far less luxurious.

As soon as the seat belt sign was turned off once we were on the plane, I had the seat back and blanket over me and I was soon sleep. I still have my watch set to Melbourne time and it was eight hours later when I awoke and was offered a cup of tea. That’s a very decent sleep! This flight sector to Dubai is a long one – around 14 hours. It’s then another 6 hours to London.

Our plan is to spend a week in Lisbon and Barcelona, a week in the Dordogne region of France and then a final week visiting friends in London.

Without any in flight wifi I’m going to have to wait until we reach Dubai for me to be able to upload this post.


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3 thoughts on “Cathy’s Move is Finished and We Are Away

  1. You look lovely and relaxed Bruce ready for that good night’s sleep. Just as well your were able to be flexible with the rescheduling. What a beautiful way to celebrate a house warming. All your girls seem very happy and grateful for all you help. Do we find another photographer in the family? Have a wonderful trip with some relaxing thrown in..

  2. Was wondering how you’d fill in your day with such a late flight. Couldn’t quite see the name of the Plane, The David Warren is named for a dear man who apart from being the inventor of the Black Box was a wonderful friend and Patron of the Morris Minor Car Club of Victoria Inc.
    Ditto Pamela’s note above, Travel safely you 2

  3. This plane was the second newest in Qantas’ fleet of Airbus A380s. It is named ‘Phyllis Arnott’ after the first woman in Austrlalia to gain a commercial pilots licence.

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