Christmas Night Dinner in Brugge

We’ve just finished a wonderful meal in the restaurant of the Crowne Plaza Hotel where we are staying in Brugge. The food was superb and the service was excellent. The all-inclusive price included champagne and wine.

We had a table by the window and that enabled me to look out across the town square. I could see people strolling around the square and the occasional carriage gliding past, drawn by a horse on the trot. The illuminated buildings in the background provided a beautiful backdrop.

It was a magical scene – the type of which I have only ever seen on Christmas cards. The temperature was nearly 0C and a quick venture outside the door proved that it was very cold. With a little imagination, I could almost see snowflakes falling past the window. This is just about my complete impression of a real Christmas in Europe.

This view has made my entire day. To have this scene outside the window and my family with me inside the restaurant is very special. I just stared out the window in awe for a good part of the meal.

4 thoughts on “Christmas Night Dinner in Brugge

  1. Just magical Bruce. Your dreams coming true. Happy Christmas may the delights of your current experiences long stay with you.

  2. It looks fantastic Bruce, your grandchildren will never forget this Experience! Keep on enjoying that lovely part of Europe. We were in Ghent one month ago and the streetscape very similar.

  3. How wonderful, Audrey & Violet have the most fabulous memories which will last their shoe lives. Cathi too. A dream came to fruition. Safe travels

  4. We are really enjoying your travel stories and the beautiful photos. Safe travels.

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