Dawn in Prague

I read that the best time to see the Charles Bridge here in Prague was at dawn because there would be no people around.

Therefore, this morning, I was up early, left the hotel at 6:00 and and walked down to the bridge. There was just a trace of light in the sky when I arrived and I walked out onto the bridge where I found another five people with the same intention of taking some photos at dawn.

Well it was certainly worth the effort. Not only did we have the bridge to ourselves, there was a beautiful red morning sky that offered great lighting for photography

3 thoughts on “Dawn in Prague

  1. Hope it doesn’t rain, pink in the morning shepherds warning but how beautiful. Have updated the 85 list and MW has been in touch. It’s the Chopin anniversary this year, the Calverts were there in May, fabulous concerts, enjoying your travels as always.

  2. Sheer delight! Hope the colours lingered a little while so you could absorb the magic. Did you find a good coffee afterwards?

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