Ekaterinburg – Eurasia – photos

This is the outlet of the dam in central Ekaterinburg, which is now a feature of the riverside park.


This is the city hall.  Our driver, nicknamed Fast Eddie, copped some police attention for driving into the big square here the wrong way.


This is the Church of the Blood, which idolises the executed Romanov royal family.


This is t he war memorial in Ekateringburg, mainly to the Afghanistan war, but also others in which Russia has been involved over the Cold War years.  The list of theatres was a bit unfamiliar to Australians, but included Chechnya, Czechoslovakia & Hungary, the Spanish civil war, Cuba, Angola, some of the Caucuses countries, and Vietnam. 


One of the 7 churches at the Ganina Yama monastery. 



This is the memorial to thousands of victims of Stalinist purges located just outside Ekaterinburg. 


Toasting the border between Asian & Europe in the Urals – about 14r km from Ekaterinburg.




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2 thoughts on “Ekaterinburg – Eurasia – photos

  1. Great photos – thank you!! It is great to see the places you are visiting – love the cross continent snaps!! Safe travel Ruth

  2. Finally catching up on the travels, it’s all so exciting, loved the one foot in Europe one in Asia

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