Every Cloud Has a Silver Lining

I had a very different last weekend to the one I intended.

On the previous Wednesday, I hurt my knee at the Gym and by Saturday it was so sore, that I could hardly stand. It was the beginning of a 3-day weekend. I couldn’t get to see my Physio as he was booked out so I went to the emergency department of the local hospital.  I was seen very quickly, had an x-ray that showed no bones were broken. And then, just like back in the army, they gave me a pain killer, a prescription for more, and then sent me on my way.

The health system here in Australia is actually one of the best in the world. My visit didn’t cost me a cent and while I walked away with only a prescription, I understood that the treatment I needed was really required by a Physio and was out of the scope of the emergency department of a hospital.

As a result, I spent the weekend sitting by the fire with my knee raised and iced while I worked on something that I have been wanting to do for some time. That’s getting my better photos on to a photo sharing web site where they can be widely displayed.

After researching many of the available sites, I chose to use Smugmug as it appeared to be the most flexible and professional way to set up a series of folders and photo galleries. I now have the framework of a photo website established and I will be progressively uploading more photos on to it.

You are welcome to visit it at https://brucewilson.smugmug.com. I welcome any comments that you might like to leave. I already have a well established series of galleries on my page of Australian Photos at https://brucewilson.smugmug.com/Australia. 

I have a few other galleries partly populated and I’ll notify you of new developments as I upload more images.

I had planned to go and take some more photos over the weekend but finding a way to present the ones I already have was a good substitute.

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  1. Brilliant Bruce and thanks it is great trying to identify some of the locations.

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