Final Thoughts on UK

Now that i am the airport, I should summarise some of my observations about travelling around the UK as an Australian:

1. The countryside is very green – I understand that this May was the wettest May month since 1982

2. Driving a car here is easy but its bloody hard work to find a parking spot or take a photograph.

3. It costs a lot to live here. I need to remember that every time I spend a £, it actually costs me $2.40.

4. People are very friendly, but speak in different accents every 100 miles.

5. It helps to own an oil well. We drove 2120 miles and petrol costs 99p per litre!

6. Thank God for our GPS navigation system! Jill & I would have been shouting at each other all the way if we had tried to navigate without it. We probably would have been divorced!

Nonetheless, we had a great trip. Now we off to Norway where I undestand we need to take out a second mortgage just to buy a beer!

One thought on “Final Thoughts on UK

  1. Dear Bruce & Jill
    Funny how a bargain isn’t really one when thinking in Australian money!
    Just keeping up with your travels….you will appreciate the organised part but perhaps not the freedom of lingering longer at a particular place.
    Had our weekend for the 60ites…all together in Rob’s 4-wheel. Mary gave me your “fabulous purple biddy”. Could’t be kept in suspense-all had a laugh but what a great statement! Thank you for thinking of me.
    Keep safe and well Love Junene

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