Fine Sounding French

I think that French is a beautiful language and many of the world’s best romantic and exotic words are French. To my ear, I have found a word that really stands out!


Now doesn’t that have a nice ring to it! Sapeurs-Pompiers.

Of course it means the fire brigade, but it is such a great looking and sounding word isn’t it. Just the spelling conjures up an image of something brave and important. It sounds very impressive and rolls off the tongue nicely.

I keep looking for the Sapeurs-Pompiers everywhere I go. I even found one of their boats on the River Seine today

3 thoughts on “Fine Sounding French

  1. Great reports.
    Loved the reports on St Chappelle and Moulin Rouge….where I was called up on stage cos of my legs… and the ventriloquists act!!!!!As you say, the people you meet along the way add just so much to the trips
    Oooohhhhh PARIE!!!!!!!
    Keep reporting

  2. You are such a delightful romantic Bruce but agree with your sentiments on the French language. Your experiences in Paris sound delightful despite weather and plumbing trials and as always beautiful photography.

  3. Ah Paris, it’s beautiful even when wet n cold with cr#p plumbing. Safe traveling home see you soon, have loved the journey again from the arm chair

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