A Fun Time in a Flight Simulator

Today was the final event in a series of fun birthday activities when I spent some time in a Boeing 737 flight simulator in Melbourne. The simulator is based on Microsoft Flight Simulator Software and a New Zealand designed simulated cockpit. This was a birthday present from my family – David, Cathy & Chris.

It was great fun!! I had a choice of flights and chose two – Flying a 737 from London to Paris as well as doing a quick circuit around Hong Kong by taking off and landing from the old Kai Tak airport. I had flown around these areas with Microsoft Flight Simulator on my computer before, but working with all the controls in a more complex simulator was a lot more difficult and much more demanding. However, I did manage a nice takeoff from London and a good gentle landing in Paris. I’m sorry to say, however, that my landing in Hong Kong was very hard. I think that I would have thoroughly scared any passengers on a real flight.

My instructor was a lovely young lady named Anna who comes from Sweden and flies Lear Jets as a professional pilot.

Sometimes old boys get as much fun from a plane ride as do young boys!

You can get more information here on the simulator at the web site of  Flight Experience.

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