Hamn I Senja

When we arrived at Hamn on Senja Island last night it was pouring with rain and we were soaked after trying to find the  hotel reception, dragging bags in from the car and then having to park the car 200 metres away in the hotel parking area.

Today has been a different day. It was still raining this morning, but through the day it as become more fine. Tonight I was able to fly my drone and get a few images from the air. This is a very scenic area and would rival Lofoten for its rugged mountains and their knife like ridges.

DJI 0157

First thing this morning, we drove back to Gryllefjord where the ferry docks as we needed some fuel. We had a quick look at the little town of Torsken on the other side of the mountain but everything there had closed as the summer season is now over. The caravan park, accommodation and cafe were all closed. Norway’s school children went back to school today so the holiday season is now officially over.

We decided to drive down to the medium sized town of Finnsnes on the south coast of the island. This road took us over some high country in the middle of the island. Many  of the impressive views were of waterfalls and streams although the road followed a broad river valley for most of the way.




We found a shopping centre for lunch and after a few minutes of trying to work out how to pay for parking, I succumbed to asking a local person how use the machine. I was using  my credit card and I thought that I had paid for one hour of parking, Instead I had paid 1 krone – 12c. That only gave me only a few  a minutes of parking. (I guess that I will now add to my bank’s profit as they will charge me an extra fee even though the transaction was only small).


The man I asked didn’t know how to use the machine either as he always used the parking app on his iPhone. That wasn’t much help, but at least he could read Norwegian and he worked it out for me.  Eventually, I paid 25 krone ($4) and had enough time to look at the shops and grab a bite to eat in one of the cafes in the shopping centre.

On the way back, we came across some roadworks and a traffic controller made us stop until a pilot car could escort us through. It turned out that she had spent a few years in Australia so we had quite a chat comparing places, and especially the quality of coffee, until we could move on. She was convinced that Australia had the best coffee that she had ever come across.

We were back at our hotel by mid afternoon and pottered around the local area taking a few photos along the coastline.




We have a wonderful view from our hotel room and we look at it with envy thinking that this our third last night in Norway. Amazing sights like this will soon be gone. In a few more days, we will be on our way home.








5 thoughts on “Hamn I Senja

  1. I comprehend your sadness at leaving such spectacular scenery and fishing villages, wonderful bridges, long tunnels? intriguing coast lines and the opportunities to exercise your photography with your drone. This I suspect had been a most memorable trip for you. Your recorded tales have been a joy to read and see.
    And yet I am sure the warmth and comfort of those you love most dearly, and the familiarity of home will also be attractive. Have a wonderful last few days in the Nordic charm.

  2. We hope you have a few fine days to finish your holiday. We have loved reading about and seeing Iceland and Norway. You will miss the beautiful scenery and different experiences but you will have lots of fabulous memories and amazing photographs. xx

  3. OK so summer season is over, where do the folks who live in the area get fuel. The costs you’ve shared of a hamburger hotdog and a drink, wow, but in the shopping centre, did you see a supermarket? how do prices compare if you did? It’s been a wonderful trip from the armchair for all your friends. Have a safe trip home xx

  4. Safe travels home, J and B. We too will miss the daily adventures.

    We might have a new PM by the time you return!

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