Happy Birthday to June

Once upon a time, I attended twenty first birthday parties, engagements and baptisms. Today we were guests at a luncheon to celebrate the 80th birthday of our good friend June. Where have all the years in my life gone?

June is a dear friend and an avid reader of my blog. So June, here’s a special blog post devoted just to you. We were very thrilled and humbled to accept your invitation to join you along with your family and friends at the Anchorage Restauarant at Williamstown.  We had a wonderful time, great food and superb company.  Thank you very much for the invitation to celebrate with you.

This restaurant was right on the waterfront at Williamstown and has a million dollar view across the bay to the city. It was a superb venue and a very befitting place to celebrate the awarding of an OBE (Over Bloody Eighty!) for June.


By coincidence, June is going into hospital tomorrow for a knee replacement. She wasn’t even tipsy at her party today, let alone getting  ‘legless’ tomorrow.  June, we wish you all the best for  a successful surgery and a quick recovery. Please keep well because we are all looking forward to celebrating you 90th in the same superb way as we celebrated your birthday today.

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  1. please pass on best wishes to your friend for her knee replacement, she’ll be up and “running, well walking quickly” in no time

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