Here in Hanoi

This morning we reached Hanoi after a 60 minute flight from Hue. I couldn’t get to an Internet Cafe there, so I am offering two bangs for the buck with a double report tonight. Hanoi was foggy and very humid. The temperature is only about 20 degrees, but it feels like it is much higher. Sorry to be so infatuated with the heat, but Jill doesnt like it at all. (This computer at the Business Centre of the Metropole Hotel has a Chinese keyboard and there are some punctuation marks that I just can’t find – whoops, I just found one!).

We had an interesting afternoon walking around the old French Quarter looking at the shops. This place is much more sedate and refined than Ho Chi Minh City although crossing the road is no easier because there are a million motor scooters for every square metre of road. They don’t stop at red lights here either!

I’ll post some more observations of Hanoi later except to say that our hotel is very grand and comfortable – much to Jill’s delight.