Japanese Toilets

I’ve commented on a previous trip about the wonders of Japenese toilets. I think that their toilet technology is another sign of their fastidiousness about hygeine.

(I don’t think they we have been to one station yet that isn’t clean enough to eat your lunch off the platform. In Matsumoto, we noticed that the cleaners were actually vaccuming the entrance stairway).

Anyway, our hotel room here at Hiroshima has a more elaborate set of controls compared to others that we have encountered. The attached photos are self explanatory and I do have to say that there is nothing like a swift jet of warm water directed exactly on target.

2 thoughts on “Japanese Toilets

  1. That looks awesome! I can’t imagine how I would cope! I suppose it saves on paper! Save the tress, flush the loo!
    Am enjoying you travels, almost as much as you (except for this bit).
    Happy travels.

  2. Bill, you use toilet paper as well – not instead of! It’s part of Japanese fastidiousness about hygeine.

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