Lightscape 2022 in Melbourne’s Royal Botanic Gardens

There’s another amazing attraction in. Melbourne at the moment. Postponed from last year because of Covid, the Lightscape Event at the Royal Botanic Gardens is spectacular. It’s also very popular – so popular in fact that we had to park a long way away from the gardens in St Kilda Road and walk a considerable distance to get to the entrance of this flight show.

The Botanic Gardens Website tells us that “this is the first time that this experience has come to the gardens with iconic tree canopies being drenched in colour, with vibrant bursts of light tumbling from the undergrowth and running up trees like fizzing fireworks”. That’s pretty much how it as.

There were three different ways that coloured lights were used to a wonderful effect. The first was where special artistic installations had been established along the pathways to provide specific points of interest.

P6300019 Enhanced Edit

P6300143 Edit





Secondly, In open areas of the gardens, complete landscapes were illuminated with different coloured effects.




P6300076 LuminarNeo edit



Finally, individual plants and trees were creatively illuminated to great effect. Modern LED lighting can certainly produce some spectacular results





P6300174 LuminarNeo edit LuminarNeo edit


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