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I was feeling a bit dejected this morning because we have now been in Singapore for over a week since Jill’s accident and not much seemed to have changed.

We expected this trip to be a simple one-week long celebration of our 50th wedding anniversary and then go home and get on with other things.

in October we had planned to drive north to Queensland to see some of the country that would have been new to us. I was extremely disappointed to decide that we had to cancel that trip, so I spent this morning cancelling all our accommodation bookings. We had been planning that trip for as long ago as last March and I was really looking forward to it. The trip would have taken us through most of Australia’s diverse types of scenery. We would have seen the outback between Bourke and Longreach, tropical rainforests at Cairns and in the Daintree Rainforest, beautiful coasts around the Whitsunday Islands, the Great Dividing Range north of Brisbane and some Alpine scenery around Jindabyne. That is to be no more (at least for now), but as Ned Kelly once said “Such is life.”

After breakfast at the hotel I did some domestic chores – washing some socks and jocks and sorting out some paperwork from the hospital. I took a walk for about a kilometre along the Singapore River to Clark QuayThis upper stretch of the river is quite pretty with green trees, cafes and gardens. It was hot and humid today. Back at the hotel, I downed a pint of beer without any trouble at all.






I visited Jill in hospital this afternoon and was considerably cheered up to find her sitting in a chair, looking good and sounding very chipper. She was frustrated that the physios would be away tomorrow because it’s Sunday. She had asked for some exercises that she could do in the meantime and she was doing them diligently.

Yesterday we watched the TV broadcast of the news of Queen Elizabeth’s death with some sorrow. She has been the Queen for virtually all of our lives. We have not known any other alternative. She seemed to be a permanent fixture as Australian Head of State and as part of our lives. I’m not sure that I see the monarchy continuing to be too relevant to Australia but we will miss her.

At the hospital, Jill and I watched the succession ceremony of King Charles III on television with a great degree of interest. It was quite a remarkable event to be telecast. I shudder to think of the cost of changing all of the government and royal branding from E II R to CE III R!

Back at the hotel, I took the lift upto level 27 and spent a hour in the guest lounge for happy hour. There was enough food there to replace my need for dinner for me so I will go to bed pleasantly full.

IMG 7683

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3 thoughts on “More News From Singapore

  1. Ned Kelly’s quote, so appropriate at this time. I hope to be able to watch the ceremonies on Catch-up in full, particularly the procession to the Royal exchange to hear the story/history of the Cavaliers, Charles 1 or Charles 2? That was quite a time if change too, Oliver Cromwell etc.
    re the change of stationery, livery etc, mail boxes, the curtain at the Royal Opera House etc. hhmmm. Some ones going to be busy. All the best to Jill, pesky weekends, I hope the exercises are working and you’ll be able to fly soon.

  2. What a pity about your trip North. Things happen for a reason so just resign yourself and something else will happen .
    Jill sounds to be doing extra well, and diligence with exercises pays off bigtime. God bless her. At leasy you’re getting some great photos, makes me want to go to Singapore myself but we cannot bear the thought of airports. The flying doesn’t worry us but it’s the hassel getting onto the plane.I’m glad you’ve discovered the 27th floor. Thinking of you both so hang in there.

  3. One of the hardest things to cope with is the fragility of the human body and mind while at the same time their incredible ability to repair and for life and activity to continue even if on paths not yet considered. I understand how hard and frustrating it must be for you Bruce to cancel all the much planned travels in Australia. Wonderful to know that Jill’s spirits and determination to recover are in full operation.
    Your photos of some of the skylines in Singapore, the juxtaposition of old and new are challenging.
    I too watched with great interest the Proclamation of King Charles 111.
    Keep your spirits up too Bruce withe cultural and artistic pleasures of Singapore. God be with you.

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