Japanese Musician

I thought of our friend Bob Whetstone when we came across this piece of street art near one of the team stations in Nagasaki.

Every statue I have ever seen of Captain Cook has a seagull sitting on his head, so we thought it very approriate that a musician should have a pigeon on his head. Perhaps the young lady with the flowers is Marcie and she’s waiting for him to finish the song so that she can feed the cat.

One thought on “Japanese Musician

  1. Dear Bruce
    A fetching likeness with Bob…..As I sit in Robinvale I’m finally able to catch up with your site…I even have a wireless broadband device BLINKIT!!!!!
    Great to hear the news and that you have caught up with David
    Mary had replied to Jill just before we got your text message.We’ll catch up after 4th

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