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When I was a boy, I used to belong to the Sunbeamers – a club for kids that had its own page in the Sun News Pictorial newspaper in Melbourne on Saturdays. They had puzzles, colouring competitions and games that you could enter into each week. Prizes consisted of a series of different coloured certificates that represented different levels of prizes – one, two, or three points. i can’t remember how you used the certificates, but I can remember the thrill of of getting some red ones which were worth there points each.

Well, times are different, but some things still stay the same after over fifty years. Our five year old granddaughter is now a Sunbeamer and she recently had a picture titled ‘Purple Witch’ published in the paper. There may still be certificates but instead, Audrey received a five-dollar postal order as a prize. She wasn’t sure about this piece of paper that came in the mail and took a little convincing that it had some value.

IMG 0465

The other day, we bought her a little box of water colour paints and the first thing that she wanted to do was paint a portrait of her ‘Grandy’. She made Jill sit in a chair, told her to keep still and even confiscated her mobile phone so that she had her complete attention. Here’s her finished work.

IMG 0560

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