Paine Photos

The very uninteresting scenery on the way from Calafete to Paine National Park

The Paine Range

The panorama from near our hostel

There are thousands of these Guanacos in the park (a relative of the Llama)

The Towers of Paine

View from the lookout at the top of the moraine.

The ‘Horns’ on the Paine Range

Grey Lake and Grey Glacier in the distance

Meeting the ‘locals’

6 thoughts on “Paine Photos

  1. Firstly, thankyou for your kind comments Mr Brown!!!!
    New Zealand scenery is pretty impressive too, but we girls are also finding the best eating spots and cafe culture around. Why make it an endurance test!!

  2. Bruce, I’m glacial green/blue with envy, especially as I’ll be so close next month and yet so far due to inaccessability. Glad you didn’t persuade me to do the trek…….sounds exhausting. Your guanaco photo reminded me of a kangaroo Did my earlier comments get through?/

  3. Fantastic photos Bruce. What scenery!!!!!!
    I will refrain from making any comments re how hard all the walking seems(….relative to the rigours of NZ) until we catch upStay well …and keeps blogging!!!!

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