Perito Merino Glacier

This was a great place to visit – a world heritage site. The Glacier is the only one in the world that is not receding. It is located 80 kms from Calafete and we took about a bit over an hour to get there in our little bus.

The glacier is not the biggest in Patagonia – it is just the most accessible. It is 7 kms wide and has a height of 60 metres. That’s a hell of a lot of Gin & Tonics on ice!

The glacier is formed in the Patagonian Ice Field which I described in a previous post. Today’s information was that the ice field is a little over 22,000 square kilometres in area.

Not only was the appearance of the glacier incredible, it was also very noisy. In the centre, the view point is only 400 metres from the face. From there you can hear it groaning and cracking. It flows at 2 metres per day and that means that the first 2 metres of ice fall into the lake across the front of the entire face every day. Everynow and then pieces of ice bigger than trucks fall of with a tremendous roar and splash. Some of the waves that they make when they hit the water are 3 metres high. A very impressive sight indeed.

I have also concluded that Argentinian are basically carnivores. Tonight we are going out to a restaurant which specialises in lamb – an alternative to the other staple diet of beef. The meals are huge but very delicious.

5 thoughts on “Perito Merino Glacier

  1. Dear Bruce
    Watch those knees and leg muscles… you’ve still got a lot of walking to do. Sounds spectacular ..the walks and the scenery!!!
    Thanks for the updates
    PS Hi to NZ …if you are reading us!!!!!

  2. Superb diary enteries, Bruce!! Such interesting adventures you’re having. Great photos too -although some areas of NZ could rival a spot or too!!
    Having a great time – discovered lots of Cattle Stops and Slips but no emporers or foxes.

  3. Great travel news. Thought might have seen you tangoing in photo. We just did breakfast at Tango Inn Waneka. OK your glacier is bigger than ours, but we still have some good photos!! Sand flies are just great.
    Jill and Ruth

  4. That glacier sounds magnificent. Lamb, eh? Hope they’re not exporting it to Oz! I’ll think of you there when I eat my lamb on Aus Day this Thursday.

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