Prague – First Impressions

We began this trip with our first ride on an Airbus A380. It was spacious and very quiet. It seemed to take off very slowly – probably because it is very heavy. It seemed as though the speed while taxiing on the ground was also slow, but perhaps this was just a perception caused by the size of the plane.

Our flight travelled via Singapore and then on to Heathrow with quite a short transfer to Prague. It was a relief, as always after an international connecting flight, to see our bags going around on the conveyer belt once we reached Prague. The airport is about 17km from town and it took us about half an hour to reach our hotel by taxi. Fortunately, the hotel had a room available at the time we arrived, so we were able to shower and change.

The weather was unseasonably mild as we walked down to the main city square and then on to find the Vodafone store where we were helped by a very nice young man with excellent English. I bought a sim card for my iPad so that I would have an Internet connection. It is loaded with 3gb of data – much more than I will ever use in a week and cost about $35. Not bad, since the hotel charges that much per day and I can get access anywhere..

We found some lunch in a little seafood cafe and then spent some time looking around the town square. We finished the afternoon with some coffee at one of the cafes around the square.

It was a lovely afternoon with a golden sunlight illuminating the buildings in the city square from the sun which was low in the sky. It was almost dark by 5.00 pm, but we were back at our hotel well before then as we were struggling to keep awake. After a quick, and early, dinner at 6.00 pm, we were in bed early for a good night’s sleep.

Our immediate impressions of Prague are that this city is as beautiful as everyone says. The streetscapes are stunning with grand old buildings, interesting doorways and cute window boxes. At this time of year, there are a lot less tourists than in. summer, so it is not very crowded. The streets are all paved with cobblestones and there are a lot of autumn colours.

We are looking to more time for exploration over the next few days.

Town Square – Prague

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  1. Glad it wasn’t today you were on the A380, a qantas flight homeward bound from Singapore had an engine explode!. A big oopsy.
    So looking forward to the rest of your journey . Is it hotel in Prague, apartments in Paris &London? Take care

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