Quite A Hotel

Well, the Marina Bay Sands is quite a hotel .with 2561 rooms on an enormous site in the newly developed Marina Bay Sands area of Singapore. We have a room on the 31st floor in Tower 1 (on the left).

Marina Bay Sands Hotel

The hotel was opened on February 2011 and developed by the Sands Corporation of Las Vegas. It includes, not only the three 55-story hotel towers but a ‘rooftop’ sky terrace, named Sands SkyPark which has a large infinity pool, bars, restaurants and vegetation to reduce the building’s temperature. In front of the hotel, by the harbour, there is an enormous shopping arcade, theatre block, casino and an art-science museum in the shape of a lotus flower. A canal runs through the length of the Shopping Mall and guests can even take a sampan ride along it. Last night, a full orchestra and singer were providing entertainment on the foreshore of the bay.

This hotel is certainly grand, brash and opulent. It may not be right for those who prefer a more intimate and boutique location, but it is a very exciting place for a celebration.

The pool on the Skydeck
Shopping Mall
Hotel Lobby
MArina Bay Sands and Art Science Museum


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One thought on “Quite A Hotel”

  1. WOW what a place.Your photo of the pool nesses with one’s mind. Live up to the location and truly celebrate!!

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