Some Good Family Times

At the moment, I am very happy that we have caught up with our family and everything seems to be going well for us all.

The good times began a few weeks ago when Cathy joined me for lunch on Father’s Day and we had a very nice meal at a new restaurant called ‘Dine Divine’ in the Dandenong Ranges and then a visit to a lovely nearby garden called Cloude Hill. It also has a very nice restaurant that we can recommend heartily.


Another good piece of news is that Cathy has just  bought herself a house. After 18 months of disruption and turmoil she can look forward to being settled again when she moves into it in a few weeks. We had a tough time finding a three bedroom house in her preferred area. Only one renovated home had come on the market over the last twelve months and others were well outside her budget. Bidding at auctions was a nightmare but this place suddenly came on the market and we were able to act quickly and seal the deal.


Cathy has also just qualified for her accreditation as a medical specialist and that adds to her well being. Jill and I are very proud and happy for her.

While we were in Perth last weekend, we had the opportunity to visit our son David and his wife, Yuki. They too, are doing well. Yuki’s career is progressing well and she has just announced that we are to expect our third grand child in February next year. At this point, we can say that we have two and a half grandchildren!

Sunday was a very wet day in Perth but we were able to find a break in the weather to help David plant out their little front garden with some native plants. They should do well in the very sandy soil of Subiaco. (It was quite amazing for us to be able to dig a hole for each plant with a small trowel, unlike here at home where we generally have to use a pick and shovel in our tough ground).


We enjoyed a nicely prepared and presented Japanese meal that Yuki had prepared in the evening. David and Yuki’s house is full of character and it will make a great home for them and their baby when it arrives.


Yesterday, we minded Cathy’s two girls and enjoyed playing with them while Cathy was at work. It was such a balmy spring day that we decided to have a barbecue and eat outside on the deck.  I had some excellent help from Audrey who cooked some potatoes while I looked after some sausages, steak and salad.


I am sure that some incident will probably arise somewhere down the track that will create some stress and tension, but at the moment, I feel that life is really good!


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3 thoughts on “Some Good Family Times

  1. It is heart warming to know that you and Jill are filled with joy of life knowing the happy mile stones achieved in your family. Beautiful family photos. Enjoy the moment and cope with the challenges when and if they arrive. Jumping the hurdles can be enriching journeys in the long run.

  2. So happy for all of you, what a lovely grateful set of observations.Jan.

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