Still Cruising

We have lost Internet contact from the ship, so I am writing this quick post on my Phone.

After Milternberg, we travelled overnight to Warzburg, a city of 100,000 people and the home of the medieval bishop prince who once ruled this area of Franconia. There is a large fortified palace on the hiilside above the river that was once his residence. Those were the days when the church was the effective ruler (and tax collector) of the state.

Yesterday, we took an excursion to the little town of Rottenburg. Our trip began wih a one hour drive through farmland – mostly maize & sugar beet. We have visited Rothenburg once before when we had a trip down the ‘Romantic Road’. We found it still to be a very charming place with a pretty market square, interesting shops and quaint buildings. It was mostly spared in WW2 so it is completely intact, including the entire town wall.

Each town here seems to have a cullinary specialty. In Rudesheim it was coffee and in Rothenburg it is Snowballs. ‘Schneeballen’ are about the size of an orange and are made from twisted strips of dough which are rolled into a ball, deep fried and covered in chocololate, caramel, or some other sweet flavouring. They cost about 2.60 each and are quite enough for two people.

Back on the ship after lunch, we continued our cruise up the River Maine. This river is a lot more narrow and less busy than the Rhine. It is peaceful and idyllic. We have travelled along wooded countryside and past small villages. We passed one village toaday, just as we were waking to see a little procession leading from the town ito the local church.

We have just been called to a meeting in the lounge to be advised that the water level in the river upstream is too low for our ship to be able to navigate. Our ship draws 1.8 metres and the river depth on the Danube is currently only 1.6 metres. Fortunately, the company has a sister ship on the other side of this shalllow area so we will have to transfer to it tomorrow. It’s no big deal – everything will be transferred to the other ship whilst we are off on an excursion and then we continue on for the second half of our trip as normal.

Now, we are off to explore the delights of Bamburg.

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  1. Your descriptions are as usual most interesting,no comment so far on shipboard meals? are you OK for food and wine?
    Tassie declared drought over. Jim.

  2. Just been catching up on the travels, as usual we enjoy your commentary, will hopefully think of a decent question or comment when next we “tune in”

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