Tassie – Hobart

Hobart was its usual pleasant self. We enjoyed a look at the cute galleries along Salamander Place and our dinner at Mures.

This morning, we wandered around the stalls at Salamander Market and enjoyed looking at the range of  goods on display – everything from woodwork to handicrafts and vegetables. We bought a couple of small souvenirs and then wandered back to the hotel to  check out and head north.

It is a warm day today with a very blustery northerly wind. We understand that Melbourne is covered in smoke and that it is a very oppressive  day. 

We are staying ion some cottages in Swansea tonight. We have stayed here before and they are quite pleasant. This location provides us with an easy day’s trip back to Devonport tomorrow for our flight home.

One thought on “Tassie – Hobart

  1. Enjoyed reading about your holiday. It brought back some nice memories as we travelled the same route, but in a camper van! Jill will be jealous!
    Hope you don’t get too much of a shock when you see the bushfire smoke over Melbourne. Hoping the cool change hurries up.
    Love, Marcie.

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