The Bride Came by Elephant


Dinner at our local Indian restaurant is normally very good with tasty food and inexpensive prices. Last night at Satgurus Indian Restaurant in North Balwyn we were treated to more than eating a good meal as we chatted to the owner and his wife. They showed us some photos of their daughter’s wedding from which they have just returned. 

Their daughter and her husband both live in Australia and are engaged in professional careers here in Melbourne. They decided to have their wedding in a town in the state of Punjab in northern India where their extended family live. What a great event. The wedding and associated ceremony took place over two days and around 1200 people attended.

Looking at the photos, I was immediately impressed with the  colors and vibrancy of the ceremony. Clothing in bright reds, greens, blues and yellows. Attractive young men and women with smiling faces and dance moves like a Bollywood movie. How I would love to have been there with my camera!

And then there was the elephant on which the bride rode to the ceremony!

(We can heartily recommend Satgurus Indian Restaurant in North Balwyn for good Indian food. It is the winner of numerous awards and these are proudly displayed on the walls. Something a little different is their range of Indian pizzas.)

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