Un Repast Francais en Boston

Last night we had a most enjoyable meal with my long time friend, Ron Hilbink. Ron was VP International of Personnel when I worked for Control Data Corporation. He now lives in Boston and we couldn’t miss this opportunity to catch up with him. I had stayed with Ron and his family on a previous visit to Chicago and I was grateful for his advice when I was considering establishing my own business in 1984. Our meal was exceptionally nice, but maintaining our friendship was a wonderful thing to do. We had a great evening with conversation about families, friends  and old acquaintances.


Our dinner was at the famous Locke-Ober Restaurant in Winter Street in Boston. The lovely French restaurant  was described in the King’s Directory of 1883 as being patronised by people with ‘long purses’.  It was described as “Having a large general dining-room, a café, and several private supper rooms. The viands here are unsurpassed by any place in the city”. The original owner was operating a restaurant there in 1868, making this one of the longest running restaurants in Boston.

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