We Are Finally Home Again

We finally arrived home from our ill-fated trip to the USA at around noon yesterday.

Our five hour-flight from Dulles, Washington, departed at 5.00 pm on Sunday and connected with the fifteen-hour Qantas flight out of Los Angeles at 10.50 pm . That flight was a little over an hour late in leaving but arrived in Melbourne only twenty minutes late, yesterday (Tuesday) at 10.20 am.

Qantas airbus a380 800

The flights were unremarkable other than Jill needing wheelchair assistance get from the check-in counter to the plane, the transfer between terminals in Los Angeles, and from the plane in Melbourne. All of the people who ‘pushed’  here were extremely nice and caring. Our driver, and friend, Stuart was a sight for sore eyes once we arrived in Melbourne to take us home.

Jill had a bit of trouble finding a comfortable position on the plane and didn’t sleep much. She spent most of the day, yesterday, resting in bed. I had five or six hours sleep on the plane and was fine during the day but I hit the wall at around 8.00 pm and fell asleep while sitting at my computer.

Now we (probably just me) need to get on with all the domestic chores of unpacking, buying food at the supermarket, and doing the laundry. I have made an appointment with our doctor for this morning to get Jill back into the Australian health care system. I also need to get my hotel receipts etc into the insurance company for a refund (more form filling).

Many thanks to all our friends (both here and overseas) who supported us with messages, texts, phone calls, visits and even gifts during this ordeal. You were all very kind and your support was invaluable to both of us. I am deeply appreciative.


3 thoughts on “We Are Finally Home Again

  1. Thrilled to know you’re on the ground and in your own bed again. The real healing starts now. I can’t imagine how we would have managed in days gone by without email to insurance companies, Facebook for family and friends.

  2. What a wonderful relief for both of you and your family. Totally sympathise with you over the continuing form completions for insurance claims. I hope you have been satisfied with their assistance do date. Much healing still to occur.

  3. So glad you are home and back in your own bed .
    Weary , I am sure , but relieved & happy .
    You must be so sick of hospital , rehab , and plane seats !!
    Jill , I admire your strength & resilience , and wish you well with your continuing recovery .
    Bruce , as always , you have been a marvelous , supportortive hand & heart for Jill .
    Also , neither your narrative nor photographic skills have diminished !

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