Upmarket London

It rained a lot overnight and we had a few heavy showers today, interspersed with som periods of faint sunlight. We began the morning by doing a load of washing and then had a late breakfast / brunch at a restaurant by Gloucester Road Station.

It has stopped raining by the time we walked up to the Victoria and Albert Museum, passing the very grand National Science Museum on the way along Cromwell Road. We must try to have a look at some of it’s 60 million exhibits sometime.

We spent most of the day at the Victoria and Albert Museum which is billed as the world’s largest museum of art and design. It holds over 3000 years of artefacts ranging from wrought iron grates, to marble statues, to complete rooms from historic houses. It is quite spectacular, and not the place for one to expect to see quickly. In our three hour visit, I think we saw only about 20% of its contents.

We thought that we might leave and head off up the road at one stage, but a quick look out a window showed that it was pouring rain, so after Jill tried on some Crinolines, we headed to the cafe for a cup of tea and cake

Later, we walked further up the road to Knightsbridge to visit Harrods Department Store. I lashed out and bought a couple of pairs of socks. What a purchase! We aomed to do the grand parents ing and buy somethings for Audrey and Violet, but apart from the prices, every thing here is oriented to winter and there was just nothing suitable to take home for an Australian summer.

This area around Knightsbridge is a very salubrious area. Some of the properties advertised in the windows of local estate agents were selling for between 6 – 10 million pounds. Rental apartments were priced at as much as 7500 Pounds per week (unfurnished).

The windows at Harrods were quite spectacular and done in a Peter Pan theme. I don’t know whether these were just the normal window displays, or special ones for Christmas. Whichever way, they were very impressive.

Late in the afternoon, we trained it back a couple of stops to Gloucester Road station and stopped off at the Waitrose Supermarket for some ready made meals for dinner and some more food for breakfast tomorrow.


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3 thoughts on “Upmarket London

  1. Don’t forget the London Walks and Saturday’s Borough Market. Was wondering if you got caught up in the students protest/riot. Looking forward to JMC tomorrow night, Missed cook along last night. Apt looks great.

  2. I truly love your photos and comments Bruce. There were a couple of clear skies in some of them! Thinking of changing fashion Jill? Sadly there is never enough time (in a lifetime) to see the many exhibits of the world’s greatest museums.

  3. Thanks for the updates. Weather seems very up n down….but who cares. You certainly have been out n about.
    Your itinerary says Paris on Monday so enjoy the last day in London and then train to Paris
    That care. Love to Jill too
    Rob n Mary

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