Visiting the Happisburgh Owls

Our day yesterday was a simple one – a visit to Happisburgh Owls and then a drive to Colchester, our base for the next six days.


Happisburgh Owls is a privately owned collection of different owls and owned by Sandy Delzell. She is a delightful lady and very enthusiastic about these birds. She has kept owls since she was a little girl. Sandra has fourteen different types of owls that she shows on privately booked visits. I ws lucky to be able to arrange a visit for yesterday. Sandra brings each owl out of its aviary and, for photographers, sits them on different places in her garden so that they can be photographed. Every bird is properly licensed and very well card for.

Here are a few of the hundreds of images that I took of the owls:
















One thought on “Visiting the Happisburgh Owls”

  1. Bruce was in owl heaven! Beautiful photos and what a change from scenery and history of all varieties. I could fall in love with their eyes.

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