We Are Celebrating our 50th Wedding Anniversary

Yesterday was the date in 1972 that Jill and I were married at St. Peter’s Anglican Church in Box Hill. The Vicar, a crusty old time priest said, when he found out that I was a Methodist and Jill an Anglican, “Mixed marriages don’t really work”. Well, here we are still together (very happily) after 50 years. ​

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I was looking back over some of our family photos tyesterday and feeling very nostalgic. We’ve raised two children of whom we are very proud and we have four beautiful grand children. Over the years, we have had some wonderful family times together but we just can’t understand how all those fifty years have gone so quickly.

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One of the photos was of my grandparents 50th anniversary. I was about fifteen at that time and they looked so old! Now, we are at the same milestone and probably look just as old, but we feel much younger.

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We celebrated last night at the Langham Hotel with an overnight stay and a nice dinner.

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We had our 40th anniversary in Singapore and we will be heading back there next week for another visit now that Covid has declined somewhat.  We can’t leave earlier as I have a reunion during this week of my Vietnam army unit. It has been deferred due to Covid19 and I don’t want to miss it, especially as I am the Chair of the organising committee. We have been planning it, cancelling it and re-planning it now for three years

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We have had some wonderful anniversaries over the years and we especially liked this one in 2018 while we were touring Norway. The scenery was just as beautiful as I remember Jill being on our wedding day.

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In fact, we have always found a way to celebrate over the years, mostly with a dinner or lunch at a special place.

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When we married, Jill was teaching Prep grade children in a primary school. Yesterday, she found a book that the kids at her school had made for her about her wedding.

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Nowadays people travel to many different places for their honeymoon. We spent ours in Port Macquarie, NSW. Our wedding night was at the President Hotel in  Queens Road, Melbourne and then our second night was at Lakes Entrance on our way to Port Macquarie. It was a Tuesday night and there was nothing open for dinner but the Fish and Chip shop / Hamburger Joint.  Thankfully, our lives have been looking upwards since then.

Jill has never let me forget the name of the play that the Port Macquarie drama group were presenting at the time – “Let Sleeping Lives Lie’. 

We awoke to a beautiful view of Melbourne from our hotel this morning and came home to a superb bunch of flowers. They were much more colourful than Jill’s wedding bouquet (I think).

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4 thoughts on “We Are Celebrating our 50th Wedding Anniversary

  1. Love and congratulations and welcome to the golden years club. Hard to believe it’s ten years since the group had a great weekend in Gippsland celebrating three 40th anniversaries.🥂💐🥳

  2. Happy Golden wedding to you both.
    We are heading towards our 60 th. Where have all those years gone?

  3. Congratulations Jill and Bruce, you are an inspiration to all of us still to reach our 50th anniversaries.
    The Langham and dinner was really special as is your trip to Singapore.
    Best wishes,
    Tony and Marg

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