Welcome to Our New Grandson

We had a surprise on Sunday when our second grandson arrived early in Perth.

Yuki had expected to have an elective Caesarean on Wednesday but this little guy decided to come early and she gave birth naturally on Sunday. He was born at 10.45 am, weighing 3.54 kg with a length of 52 cm

IMG 1817

Jill had flown to Perth on Sunday to spend a few days with the family and to learn their routine before looking after our other grandson while Yuki was to in hospital. Instead, she was thrown into the deep end as the birth occurred whilst she was still in the air. I’m sure that she is managing very well.

IMG 1242

In the meantime, I’ve stayed in Melbourne to look after our two granddaughters by picking them up after school, cooking dinner one night and making sure that they are looked after while their mum is working. I’m not as skilled at domestic chores as Jill, but I think that the house is in reasonable condition – the bed is getting made, the dishes are done and a load of washing is drying on the clothes line.

The baby doesn’t have a name as yet, so Im calling him ‘Boris’  until his proper name is announced.

5 thoughts on “Welcome to Our New Grandson

  1. He’s a big baby , like Bruiser, his Grandfather. Congrats and best wishes to ALL

  2. Oh you domestic goddess you. I spoke to Jill today, it was nice to hear that all is well

  3. Congratulations Bruce , both with the new addition to the family and so ably looking after Audrey and Vi, not to mention keeping the house in order. A well rounded family of grandchildren. Well done to everyone.

  4. OMG Bruce ..I’ve only just realised how like you your son is. Or is it you (after minor Plastc surgery) with Yuki.?

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