Western Australia’s Strange Clothing Habits?

I was in a local Perth Woolworths supermarket and saw this sign over an aisle pointing to the Family Underwear section.


OK, so what does this mean? Do Western Australians share their underwear around? Do dads wear mum’s lacy knickers or do they just have a bin in the hallway where you pick up a random garment on the way back from the bathroom?

In one of the regional stores, I found a sign pointing to “Family Socks”. Same thing? I don’t see too many women in the street wearing Dad’s footy socks or grown adults wearing children’s socks with elephants and butterflies.

What is going on here? Maybe it’s a new version of the old saying that “A family that wears together, stays together” Strange people, these Western Australians!

One thought on “Western Australia’s Strange Clothing Habits?

  1. I hope this is not your enduring image of the wonderful journey you have just completed. What incredibily differing geography, weather, colours, agriculture and industry you have experienced in your travels which infact cover only a small part of an enormous State and an even smlleer part of this beautiful ancient land of ours. I have enjoyed your recounting your tales and sharing your photos. Thank you for ‘taking me along with you’.

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