We’ve Made it Back Home to Melbourne

This last day of our trip has been entirely unremarkable. We only stopped once during the day for a quick lunch. Little of the scenery that we passed was new to us.

The weather forecast for the day was for cool temperatures and considerable rain. When we left the town of Horsham this morning it had just started to rain and a strong cold front was pushing wet weather east towards Melbourne. We managed to outrun it and reached home just before it started to rain.

Before the rain began the temperature was 18c but with the rain it quickly dropped to 13c. While we were away, we were blessed with mild weather – typically around 20 – 24c. This home coming now feels quite cold and wintry.

In total, our trip covered 4325 kilometres. We saw lots of diverse scenery in this rather arid part of the country. The area we covered was not only scenic, it was rich in history – pioneer farmers, miners and railways – all adding up to stories of courage, perseverance and sometimes, hardships.

I was grateful to beat the rain home as it gave me some time to unpack the car without getting wet. I actually had to clean everything out as I pick up a new car tomorrow, a little earlier than I had planned but it’s a nice surprise anyway. I am glad that I could delay the changeover until after we returned as I did not really want to take a brand new car to some of the areas that we visited.

2 thoughts on “We’ve Made it Back Home to Melbourne

  1. well done and welcome home…always good to make it safe and sound. Anad a very well done diary for us to enjoy. Great stuff.

  2. Pleased to know that home greets you a safe and well. Enjoy the new car. Where are you planning to take her?

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