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Bruce has lived in Melbourne for his entire life. He went to school at Melbourne High School and not being a very academic student, left school to take up a job that began an early career in Human Resource Management.

Called up for National Service in 1968, he served with the Australian Army in Vietnam for one year of his two years of life in the military. On return to civilian life in 1970 he returned to work (a lot more mature and experienced) and began studying part time at Chisholm Institute of Technology, now Monash University, for a BA (Applied Pschology) degree which he completed in 1977.

He & Jill met in 1971 and married in 1972. We moved into their house on our return from our honeymoon to Port Macquarie and be became parents in 1974 when David was born. Cathy arrived into our family in 1977.

After the required period of supervised experience, Bruce achieved registration as an Industrial Psychologist. He established his own consulting company specialising in Negotiation and Sales Management in 1984. This enterprise flourished with many hours of work and required an extensive amount of local & regional travel. Bruce has decided to retire from this business and now leads a much more leisured life-style.



Jill was also born in Melbourne but grew up in a number of locations in Victoria as her father was transferred to different places as a banker.

Her major period of schooling was at Ivanhoe Girls Grammar. From there, she joined the Victorian Education Department and undertook her teacher training as an infant teacher at Toorak Training College.

Jill taught at primary schools including Warrandyte and Kerrimuir. She retired to be a full time Mum on having children, and her full time support is undoubtedly the reason why David & Cathy developed their strong academic abilities and desire to learn. She has provided Bruce with a great administrative support resource over the years in his business.

Jill has always had an interest in art and craft. Our house is full of her work – patchwork, cross-stitch, sewing and a variety of other craft work. We have also been treated to her great interest in cooking with new an interesting different dishes all the time – rarely have we had the same meal twice in a month. Our superb garden is a result of Jill’s work & imagination.


David & Yuki

David attended Templestowe Valley Primary School and then completed his secondary education at Ivanhoe Grammar School. He was selected as a school prefect in his final year. He then went on to complete a combined Arts / Law (Hons) degree at Monash University.

He extended his personal development by spending a year at high school in Japan through the YFU organisation. He enjoys a continuing close relationship with the Takemotos (his Japanese host family) who live in Nara. He continued his interest in Japan through another student exchange program at Chiba University during his fourth year at university.

Since graduating, David has worked as a solicitor for one of Australia’s leading law firms. He specialises in litigation relating to Intellectual Property, Brands and Trademarks.

David developed a strong interest in outdoor activities through his education program at Ivanhoe Grammar. However, the ‘Dad & Dave’ bushwalking pair are not now as frequently active as in the past.

In November 2004, David purchased his own house. He spent another two years working in Japan whilst being seconded from his firm to a legal role in Nippon Oil Corporation. In October 2010, David married Yuki Sagiura in a wonderful ceremony in Tokyo. They both now reside in Perth, Australia.




Cathy, Audrey and Violet

Mothers Day-Edit

Cathy also went to school at Templestowe Valley Primary School and then to Ivanhoe Girls Grammar School. In her final year she was elected School Vice Captain.

Cathy attended Monash University and studied medicine. She completed her six-year course which included a short work experience period in Samoa. She undertook her Internship at Western Health Network in Melbourne and is now employed as a Consultant Physician specialising in geriatrics in the Melbourne Health Network.

Our two little grand daughters are, Audrey (born 2007) and Violet (born 2010). They are a both a real delight for us. Audrey is in her second year at school and is thoroughly enjoying it. She laps up learning like a sponge. Coming up to four, Violet would talk the leg off an iron pot. We are sure that in receiving one of her early injections / inoculations as a baby, she was vaccinated with a gramophone needle.





Bruce is a keen traveller and photographer. This web site describes his travel and family interests

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